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How do you stay Young and Preventing Loss of Muscle Mass?

 Exercising to Stay Young and Preventing Muscle Mass Loss

I guess that you will agree with me when I say this:

Times just fly by, and before you know it, years have passed us by.
We all tend to be a bit concerned with our health, even though we may not do anything substantial about its upkeep. As you age your body undergoes changes that we call aging, with loss of muscle mass and other signs of aging we will talk about below..

But we can slow down this process, and live a healthy life for a long, long time.

Let us discuss few things as to how we can do just this and hopefully slow down the hand of our body clock to a crawl.

Firstly, when you think about signs of aging what comes to your mind:

Added weight even though we might eat less, loss of muscle mass, wrinkles, fine lines that outline the skin, age spots, crow’s feet, etc.?

There has been a lot of research into gaining muscle mass and reversal in the signs of aging, and a lot of them have proved the same. The biggest factor is muscle atrophy. In other words the loss of muscle mass and tone due to disuse, so let’s talk about this first.


Like the good old saying goes that age is the matter of mind, if you do not mind then it will not matter…

So do you want to look and feel younger?

I guess every one of us does:

How do we regain the lost muscle tissues? He answer – strength training.
Obviously you will need to consult your doctor before starting out on this.


With regards to strength training I have enlisted a few principles below:

The principles regarding exercising:-
1) If you’re starting out start slow and go in for full body exercises. This kind of workout would serve to start the fat burning process and increase muscle tone.

2) As you gain momentum and experience you can isolate it down to one body part per training session. For example do legs on one day, back on the other. I hope you get my drift. Also you will need to vary these exercises so that your body should not get accustomed to any one sort of exercise.

3) Intermingle cardio exercises into your schedule. You will need to do this if you want to burn fat at a faster rate. If you do not like cardio, there are other options which I will discuss in future posts.

4) Listen to your body. Will elaborate on this in a future posts.

5) Get enough nutrition before and after your workout. Proteins are an important part of this plan. I have spoken about proteins in greater detail here.


The Basics of exercising to staying young and Preventing Muscle Mass Loss. Signs of aging. Strength training. Pros and cons of working out at home. Click through right now to read the entire post!

How do you get started?

As I mentioned earlier it is advisable to consult your doctor first, before starting out with any exercise program.

Next I would suggest finding a gym that is right for you both in terms of location, facilities and affordability.
When I say location I mean that it should be close enough so that it is not another huge task just getting to the gym.

The gym should have enough facilities to be enticing enough. You should be able to do varied workouts and not get bored doing only one type of exercises.

As you might know gyms can be pricey, so lets discuss affordability.

As we are now talking about affordability, you may be asking that is it not enough if I work out at home?

I would say that if you are fairly advanced in strength training working out at home should not be off your book. However, if you are just starting out, then you would need the right resources and training to do the workouts in the right manner (so as not to cause any injuries). The first thing would be to find a gym where there are fairly qualified trainers. I am saying this so that you may be initiated into this process properly.

Besides working out at home has its own pros and cons:

Pros being that it is not all that costly as the gym and you can work out whenever you feel like.

Now if we talk about the cons:

Trying to workout at home can be difficult if it is motivation that is lacking. You may just not get the workout your body requires to develop and get stronger.


The Basics of exercising to staying young and Preventing Muscle Mass Loss. Signs of aging. Strength training. Pros and cons of working out at home. Click through right now to read the entire post!

So to Recap,

Firstly Strength training is essential to building muscle and staying young.
And Secondly Find a gym with the right location, facilities and price range.

If you do like this article, I would request you to take action, find a gym and start building muscle.
Also kindly leave a comment below, with any view you may have on this subject.








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