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5 Awesome Reasons why the Japanese Age Gracefully

Aging Gracefully is a well-known trait of the Japanese people


Have you ever noticed that Japanese people look much younger than what age they really are?

There is also very low levels of Heart disease and Cancer in Japan.


You might say it’s in the genes, but a lot has to do with their diet.

As a staple deep fried stuff is usually minimal in the Japanese cuisine.


In fact, I was on a ship headed towards Japan, when I started writing this article.

I have spent a lot of time in Japan and found the food has had a big influence on my eating habits.


Let us see how we can reduce our waistline, by following a few Japanese staples:


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1) Green Tea –

No meal in Japan is complete without Green Tea.

I have spent months in Japan and had got hooked on to this warm elixir. The Japanese green tea in itself has a different flavor than what is commercially available at most stores and supermarkets.

That being said, Green Tea, as you might know, has a load of health benefits.

Cancer Prevention and recurrence prevention – Several studies prove that Green tea can delay the onset of cancer and also prevent any recurrence in patients who have had the Disease. (1)

Other Benefits include prevention of diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, hair loss, iron overload, and promotion of weight loss. (2)

Green Tea - Age Gracefully

2) Wasabi –

Wasabi is also known as Japanese Horseradish and it has a knockout flavor.

I remember the first time I did taste Wasabi sauce, it was on a plane coming from Japan. I did not know the reaction it would create.

You might think that I, being an Indian would be used to spice, but this was at a whole new level, that my taste buds had not been subjected to before. To cut a long story short, I spent the next half hour just cooling my tongue with whatever I could find around.

This item needs to be treated with caution, however, let this not distract you from the health benefits of this herb. It is used to enhance the flavor of noodles, soups, fish, rice, meat…. you just name it.

The health benefits of Wasabi include Cancer prevention, clearing the sinuses, fighting off bacterial infections, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and protection against pathogens that cause pneumonia and influenza. (3)

3) Miso –

Miso is a traditional Japanese product made from Soya Bean,  salt, and Koji (the fungus Aspergillus oryzae), and sometimes other ingredients (4)

This substance is used mostly in soups and various dishes like stir-fry, etc. However, according to Wikipedia 80% of Miso produced goes into making soup. (5)

Now, miso has various health benefits such as:

Being a complete protein, a probiotic, source of Vitamin B, reduces the risk of certain cancers, strengthens the immune system, and lowers LDL cholesterol. (6)
Miso - Age Gracefully

4) Sushi –

Another thing we usually think of when we talk about Japanese food is Sushi.

Now, sushi being mostly fish, contains a load of protein and with it benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits also include cardiovascular health, being a natural anti-inflammatory and improving brain function. (7)

When trying out sushi, you should be aware that some types of sushi might just contain too many carbs and some may be high in salt and sugar.

You might want to read this article about making the right sushi choices:

Is Eating Sushi Healthy? Plus the Best & Worst Sushi to Order

5) Shitake Mushrooms –

Another staple in japan, these mushrooms have the characteristic brown top and are used is many Japanese dishes. (8)

Like the various other ingredients, these fungi play a vital health role in the Japanese diet.

The health benefits here include Weight Loss, boosting the immune system, prevention of cancer, increasing cardiovascular health, boosts energy and Brain function, provides Vitamin D and promotes Healthy skin. (9)
Shitake Mushrooms - age gracefully


So, If you want to get fit, give Japanese cuisine a try….. you might just get hooked onto it.

Hope you give these Traditional Far East dishes a shot!

If you have any comments regarding the Japanese cuisine, fell free to share your views below.

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Age Gracefully | Japanese Cuisine | Health | Nutrition | Diet
Age Gracefully | Japanese Cuisine | Health | Nutrition | Diet

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