Tuesday , March 19 2019

About me

Hi! I am Kneller Fernandes. I am 41 years old.

I am a NESTA Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.

My idea in starting this project is to get as many people interested in maintaining their health and thus lead a more energetic and fulfilling life. I read a lot of magazines and post regarding health and fitness and will be sharing with you some of the best ideas and findings I come across.

You can check one of my guest posts Facts About the Colors of Fruits and Vegetables That You Should Know”, on the website of the “American Fitness Professionals and Associates”.


I invite you to join my newsletter or leave a comment under any post. Also you can follow my posts and that of any guests on Social media Fan pages. Links to which can be found at the extreme top and bottom of each web page.

As the saying goes, we only know the value of health when we do not have it. So stay fit.



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