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7 Gym Routine Queries answered by Trainers themselves

Answers to Gym Routine Queries, you might be asking yourself.

If you are new to the gym, you might have a few queries and concerns, which are understandable.
Also, almost everyone who has just started off is in the same boat.

I have interviewed a few trainers at the gym that I go to, with regards to the questions and concerns newbies have at the gym and how they solve their problems?
So, below are the answers I got from the Trainers themselves.

The Gym that I am a member of, is called “People’s Gym” and they have various branches in India.
So, let’s dig into some of the concerns:




1) If I am suffering from an Injury, can I work out?

This is one of the common questions being asked. People’s Gym Manager, Afzal Muzawar explains, that there is a lot of fear, if someone has had a prior injury and has to work the injured area. He says that the trainers are specifically trained for working with individuals on a personal level, and take into account their health and fitness levels when making up their workout schedule.

Another Trainer Sachin Kamble, also mentioned that he has had clients with various problems like back, spine, etc. The exercise programs made up by the gym caters to their fitness levels.

So, a good gym will ensure they work with your body’s limits and help you progress over time.
Thus, when looking for a gym ensure that it has certified and experienced trainers to understand your health conditions. Asking around for other people’s experiences, will also give you a good insight into the quality of the gym. Also consult your doctor before starting out on any exercise program.


2) I have been working out a lot but I do not seem to be losing weight?

One of the Trainers Sumeet Godkar, said that this was one of the main concerns of newbies at the gym. They do not see results on the scale and are disheartened.
Now the fact of the matter is that if you have been working out religiously, and controlling your food intake, you should be losing fat and building and toning your muscles.

Muscle is denser than Fat, so if you are gaining muscle and losing fat, your body weight will not show much of a difference, but you will be getting healthier. This is of course depending how much over weight a person is. The more overweight a person is the faster should be the decrease in weight on the scale.

Thus, if your weight decrease is not much, it is in fact a sign that you are not too much over the scale.



To know more about fat and muscle comparison, there is a good article “Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?”


So, how can you really know if this is the case as the scale does not show you this?

There are various machines that can measure your body’s composition. At the people’s gym, they have a machine called “In-body” which measures these details. You can find more information about this here. Also, measurements of waist size might be a better indicator, in such a situation.




3) I have issues with high cholesterol. Is it safe to work out? What exercises should I do?

Another trainers Amit Sawant, states that a lot of clients who have issues with cholesterol have a few common questions, “Is it safe to work out?” and “What exercises should I do?”. Amit says that the fact of the matter is that to reduce cholesterol exercise is a must. There are also a lot of studies to prove this point. (1)(2)

With regards to the exercises to be done to reduce cholesterol, Amit states that the best is Cardio, the heart happy workouts.


4) I have always been skinny. By working out, will I be able to gain weight?

Amol Yadav, another trainer says that weight gain is another issue some of the new comers are looking to achieve. Here he recommends weight training and a heavy diet to supplement this training. Cardio must be done only sparsely during the weight gain phase.
For more information, you can consider reading this article by Authority Nutrition
“How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely”


5) What exercises should I do to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is partly done in the gym, but 80% is what is done away from it, with regards to lifestyle and eating habits. Amol explains that Clients are recommended to do bouts of Cardio and strength training and schedules are made in this way. Also the in-house dietitian recommends dietary control ranging from lessening carbs and fats intake, to increasing the intake of proteins and Fiber.

If you are looking at exercises for weight Loss, Cross-Fit training is one of the better modes to achieve this. Cross-fit workouts not only can burn calories  at rates of 15-18 calories per minute, for men and 13-15 calories per minute for women, but also build and tone muscles. However, these routines should be done with strict form to avoid injury.

That’s where a good gym, (Like People’s Gym) can help inculcate you into a cross-fit training routine.

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6) I am a senior citizen. Can I safely workout in a gym?

People’s gym sees its fair share of senior citizens, both male and female. Swati Surve, one of the female trainers, says that any newly joined senior citizens are first asked about their health issues and any medical problems. A schedule is them made out for them taking these health issues into account.

If you are a senior citizen and are interested on starting out at a gym, firstly consult with your doctor. Then, find a gym which has experience in training senior citizens. Visit the gym before signing up and check for your self, if they really do. Also you can ask the patron seniors for their experiences, at the gym, to get a clearer picture.



7) How do I know if I am getting healthier?

Rayaz Sheikh, another trainer explains that getting healthy comprises of five factors, as follows:

I. Cardiovascular health – This comprises of your heart and circulatory system. The best exercises for the heath of your cardiovascular system is cardio workouts like bout on treadmills, stationery cycles, elliptical trainers, etc.

II. Muscular endurance – This is defined as, the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to repeatedly exert force against resistance. The best exercises to enhance endurance is again cardio and light weight training.

III. Muscular strength – This, is as the name suggests. The best type of exercises to increase muscular strength is weight (strength) training.
For more details about starting strength training you can read the article “12 Things every Beginner should know about Strength Training” 

IV. Flexibility – This, again is as the name suggests meaning elongating the muscles that have been worked out. Stretches are employed to improve flexibility. Yoga is another medium to achieve flexibility.

V. Ideal body composition – Once all of the above are at their peak, you will have the ideal body composition. A machine that can measure this is again the “in-body” machine. Though other machines are available and any good gym will have such a machine.


There may be other questions that come to your mind but are not reflected here. Do write in the comments if you have any such questions which are not addressed. I will get back to you on them.



Everyone is new to gym at one point of time or the other. There is no shame in asking if you do not know something. In fact, by not asking you might just set yourself up for injury.

So ask, and get the answers. Remember, there are no stupid questions. I wish you all the best.

Thanks to Gautam Modi (one of the owners of People’s Gym) for his inputs in publishing this article.


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