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12 Tips to keep your Gym Motivation Soaring

Lacking Gym Motivation?

Tell me if any of these scenarios sounds familiar:

You have taken a membership at a gym but cannot get yourself to go there.

Or you just too tired at the end of the day to go for a workout or a jog.

Or you know you should be getting more exercise but lack the motivation to do something about it.


If these sound familiar, please note that you are not alone, all of us have been here at one point of time or the other:

So, let us see how to break this habit, and get you started on your journey to fitness.


I will be discussing various techniques to get your gym motivation or fitness motivation up:


  1. Find a gym close to your house or place of work.

It has been proven that your gym motivation is inversely proportional to the distance from your home or place of work. In other words, if your gym is closer, you are more likely to get there.


  1. Find a gym buddy.

If you have a buddy with similar goals as you it is more likely you will coax each other to make it to the gym and keep the gym motivation up. Also you might find this companionship something to rely on, when the going gets tough and you do not feel like working out on a particular day.


  1. Set some achievable goals.

Goals you set with regards to your fitness level must be such that they are achievable in the time span that you have set out on. For example, aiming to complete a full marathon in a week’s time if you have not been training at all, is setting your own self up for failure.

Goals must have the force to push you beyond your limit but not so far off that you give up in between.

I have provided some links below that might be helpful:

Practical Goal Setting

Brian Tracy


  1. Keep a log

By keeping a log you will know how far you have come or if you have made any progress or not, in a specific amount of time. You can test this against your goals that you have set out and see if you need to make any corrections to your course or if you need to stay put.

Once you can see your progress in black and white, you are more likely to get motivated to achieve further. If you do not see any progress you will need to analyse what is going wrong, and act accordingly.

If you need any further information, I have a few links below:

Workout Journal Link 2


  1. Spice up your workout

Doing the same routine over and over again can start getting dull after a period of time. Then this is the time to shake things up and make some changes to your routine. You might have to ask your trainer for another set of exercises or; do some research on other ways of achieving the goals you set out to achieve.

Gym Motivation 1

  1. Create a reward system

It’s human nature to thrive a reward for what we have done. So let’s work with this inherent system. Find something that you enjoy doing like getting a nice cup of coffee or a protein shake or whatever it is you like doing, and use this as a reward for completing a good workout. Your brain will learn to associate this reward with the workout and will make you want to get this done more often. Only thing is, ensure that this reward does not negate any of your hard work in the gym.

You should reach a stage when just the endorphin rush will be reward enough for the workout (Your body releases endorphins when you exercise. This reduces the perception of pain and also makes you feel good). Till then you might have to contend with the reward system.


  1. Keep your gym equipment and clothes prepared in a convenient place ready to go.

If your equipment and clothes are not ready that would be another hindrance to you getting to the gym. So, to keep your gym motivation up, it would be ideal to do everything that would assist you in this quest.


  1. Make a pact

Make a sort of bet or pact with a friend; say for example if you do not get to the gym at least 12 times in a month, you would pay the bill at the next group outing. This will create pressure to go to the gym for two reasons, firstly monetary and secondly to prevent you losing face.


  1. Earn some cash

There are certain mobile apps which work on a similar concept as the above “Make a Pact”, where you will pay if you do not fulfil your end of the bargain of going to the gym, but also can get rewarded when you do meet your targets. How is that for some extra cash?

More information can be found here:

5 apps that pay you to exercise


  1. Get some new cool equipment and gear

Whenever you have some cool looking equipment you have the need to show it off to others. Only take into account that this too will need to be factored into your expenditure towards the gym. Also you would not like to see these items lying unused. This should get your gym motivation up.

If you are interested in heart rate monitors, I have talked about them in greater detail here


  1. Get some good music going

A good groove does wonders for you gym motivation. Just like you might have noticed that fast music playing in your car makes you tend to drive faster, so will some good intense music cause you to be motivated to workout with more gusto.


  1. Carry a bag around

A very nice idea I read about goes like this:
Say your goal is to lose 5 kgs; now when you are at the supermarket pick up a bag of 5 kgs rice or any other item of that weights about the same. Carry this around for about 5 minutes or until you get tired. Then put this down. Notice how good you feel. Now, imaging losing that weight on your body.

Whenever you are contemplating whether to go to the gym or not, remember this exercise. It should motivate you to make the right decision.


Hope you have found these tips helpful in keeping your gym motivation up. And most of all, enjoy your workout.

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