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"With Stay Fit & Young's weight loss challenge ... after a week, my Sugar levels dropped from 160 to 130.

Although, I just lost around a Kg ... the challenge put me in the front seat ... I felt energised and back on my feet again.

So, I also availed of the "Busy and fit" Home Workout Course, and have found the content is just awesome.

I just cannot wait for the next course, that is due to come out shortly with regards to Fitness Motivation"

- Natalie Motha

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  • I do not have a Credit Card. How can I pay for the Course?

A: The payment portal excepts Debit cards as well as credit cards. Even though it might just say Credit card, a Debit Card too is accepted. You can also pay with a Paypal account, however this is only available in the US Dollar payment mode.

  • I am Busy at present and cannot devote time to the course right now.

A: The course will be available to you for a life time, but the awesome price will not. At present, it is at the greatest value rate our publishers will allow. So, it might be a good idea enrolling in the course, lest we need to increase the price. You can always actually implement it later.

  • How can I get more information about the course?

A: You can e-mail us at or just click on the Orange Dot at the Right hand bottom of the screen to chat with us.

  • I am afraid of Internet payments?

A: Yes, you should be careful when making internet payments. You should check the validity of the sight and if possible the people behind them. You can get to know more about us and see that we are a community from our Website, Facebook and Twitter Pages.

"Kneller from has been a great help and guide in helping me plan my workouts.

It has been really motivating. He also provided me with some neat meal tips, that have helped me plan my family's diet better.

I have heard that a new course will be coming out, and I am really excited about it...."

- Sulakshana Nayak ​

 Mumbai - Architect and Home Maker

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Sunita saw a outcome in a week and said:

"Before a week I was 55kgs, but after this challenge my weight is 53kgs. "

                     - Sunita

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