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Learn how to maintain a Healthy Work life Balance, even after working 60+ hours a week

Maintaining your Work Life Balance

We all have put in long hours at Work.

In such situations Health takes a back seat, as projects and deadlines, push us to have meals on the go, skip them entirely, or grab what ever is in sight.

We then usually tend to worry about our long working hours and the Health effects they might have on our system.

Let us see what we can do to easy our work days and stay fit in the process.

1) Get your nutrition right

Nutrition forms a great part of good health and maintaining a healthy weight. There are various things you can do, like ensuring you have a breakfast every day, keeping healthy food around so that you do not reach for the bad options, planning your meals beforehand, etc.

Interested in getting step by step instructions on improving your nutrition, take up the Free weight loss challenge. Just click the link below:

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2) Get enough Sleep –

Your body requires sleep to rejuvenate and repair itself.
Apparently healthy people, have even had heart attacks due to lack of sleep.

So, do you need 8 hours of sleep, daily?

There is no real study to support this 8 hour sleep theory.

Sleep needs to be adequate, to get you enough rest and maintain your well being.

But how do you get adequate sleep?
You can read a retailed article about sleep here:

15 Tips to help you fight Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

3) Reconnect with Nature –

If you live in a small town, just go out once in a day if possible, absorb some sunshine. It will not only lift up your mood, but also bestow you with Vitamin D, from the sunlight that you might absorb.

It you are a city Dweller, use the Weekends to get out the city. Find some nice places close to you, that do not require too much commute.

I recently ventures to one such place call “Camp Deogadh” out side Mumbai, on the banks of the “Pavana Dam”. This place is a Hub For Passion Based Activities, against The Backdrop Of Nature. More information can be found here (Just Click on the Image):

Pic courtesy: Brandon Pinto

4) Stay Hydrated

Water the source of our life and 70% of our body’s make up. Plan to stay hydrated by always having a water bottle with you at your desk.

Don’t like plain water? Try some infused water. See how you can make this. Just click on the link below.

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5) Get a standing Desk

Sitting for long hours at a time has been referred to as the new smoking.

It is bad for you.

Some companies have gone ahead and got all employees standing desks.
You can consider getting one for yourself. You even get standing desks, which turn to sitting desks, when required. These sit-stand desks give you greater flexibility and thus are usually more popular. How about that for the best of both worlds.

I had blogged about this topic a while ago where I went into great detail about this topic.

7 Reasons why Sitting [Infographic] for too long might be affecting your health



6) Schedule in some exercise often

If not daily try to get some exercise at least thrice a week. Join a gym If possible or try and pair up with a workout buddy. But all in all, try increasing your daily activity level. 

If you like to start up a Gym routine, click on below:

12 Things every Beginner should know about Strength Training




7) Manage stress –

Stress in the Number one Killer in many societies. Long working hours and stress usually go hand in hand.
Thus it is a necessity to be able to manage stress.

Researchers have found that the effect of long hours are more pronounced in women, which manifests itself in diseases like Cancer and Heart Disease. (Women’s long work hours linked to alarming increases in cancer, heart disease)

There are numerous techniques that you can use to keep stress at a low level. These techniques range from practices like yoga, to accessing the source of the stress.

In fact, I had written a whole article dedicated to this subject of managing stress (Just Click on the Image).


Is Stress Killing You?

Stress Long Work Hours

8) Move around when possible

Sedentary lifestyle is responsible for a load of lifestyle diseases in this modern day. Now a days most jobs involve sitting in front of a computer.

Whenever possible move and keep walking about.

You can try a timer on your mobile or laptop to remind you when it is time to move. Try apps like Focus Booster, to assist you with this.


9) Get Organised

Most of these techniques will not work if you are not organised.

So plan ahead of time:

Spend some times on the weekend chalking my out things to do, and schedule some of these fitness steps in-between. This will even work better if you can put in some time daily. I myself am in a habit of carry a small notebook and I note down ideas as they come to mind.



Working long hours a week, need not be a sentence to bad health. These various workarounds can be used to make the most of your situation and assist with a healthy work life balance.

Thus, we can minimize the impact of your long working hours.

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