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Is Stress Killing you?

Are you stressing about your life? Is Stress Killing You?

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I guess you would agree that our mind is a funny thing:

Things that we want to remember elude us, however memories that we want to suppress seem to haunt us for eternity.
We all have things in our past either recent or long gone, that we tend to stress about and which give us sleepless nights.

So what is Stress?

The Oxfords Dictionary defines Stress (Mental Pressure) as Pressure or Worry caused by the problems in the subject’s life.
The Collins Dictionary defines it as mental, emotional and physical strain or tension.

When we have more in our plate that we are used to dealing with or we encounter a situation we are not familiar with, our hormones go into overdrive.
Hence, in effect even though the stimulus may be mental in nature, the outcome will not only be mental but also physical For example the effects may mean loss in immunity and thus you may become more prone to disease and infection..

Our modern world makes it very difficult to be free of any form of stress. Stress to a certain extent is good, such that it motivates us to do things that are outside our perceived capacity.
However if stress levels go to the extreme, it can be dangerous.


Dealing with Stress

Everyone deals with stress in their own way. Some people deal with stress in very unhealthy ways like smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, anger bouts, drugs and pills overdosing, etc. But there are better ways of dealing with stress and the way you deal with stress will ultimately tell on your health.


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My way of dealing with Stress:

What I tend to do when something is bothering me, is to firstly figure out what exactly is my concern in this situation, then I think is it going to be relevant, in say another years’ time. If no then it is not worth bothering about. Most of the problems usually fall in this category.

However for the unusual set of problems that do not fall in this category and would be relevant in a years’ time, I would need to do something about as I cannot allow it to steal away my mental peace. So I get about dealing with it. I have noticed once I take action towards mitigating the problem, the stress reduces on its own.


Other Ways of Dealing with Stress

Find someone you can confide in and this will mostly do a lot to reduce the level of your stress. This helps because you will firstly be stating your worries to another person, and you may find it is not such a big deal after all, or by vocalizing the problem you may arrive at a solution to the same. Also the other person might have had a similar experience or may be able to find a solution that you have been looking for.


Another way to manage this area is to meditate. This would not mean praying to a deity only, but just being in a silent spot and concentrating on your breathing, or maybe practicing Yoga. You can also try a program like the one in this link.
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Whenever I am stressed about something I make it a point to go to the gym. There I take out all the frustration on the equipment and make a really good workout of it. This really helps me to De-stress.

If you need more information about starting out on an exercise program check out this link.


Also you can find a good book to read or watch a good film. This will take your mind off the thing that is stressing you, for a while. In other works do something about the stress! Do not let it fester and become a giant ball within your head.

There are some good books in the market that deal with stress and how to overcome them.
One that I can recommend is “
How to stop worrying and start living – by Dale Carnegie” which has a few practical tips on dealing with stress.


So to recap:-

1) We all get stressed in life.
2) Avoid the bad reactions to stress.
3) Find a way to deal with the cause of the stress.


I guess you must be having your own way of dealing with stress. If you don’t mind sharing, I would love to hear of them. So feel free to leave comments as to what you think. Also please be kind enough to share this article by the social media buttons below.


Are you stressed in Life? Is Stress Killing You? Ways to ease stress. How to control Stress? Books to read regarding stress. #Stress #Health
Are you stressed in Life? Is Stress Killing You? Ways to ease stress. How to control Stress? Books to read regarding stress. #Stress #Health







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