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Did you know that your Mobile phone might be emitting Toxic gases?

Did you know that your Mobile phone might be emitting Toxic gases?

We all use mobile phone. But do you know that the devices emit harmful Gases?

This is in addition to overheating and other problems already known about their batteries.


There are various types of cellphone batteries available in the market today.(1)
They are:
1. Lithium Ion
2. Lithium Polymer
3. Nickel Cadmium
4. Nickel Metal Hydride
5. New Lithium Technology

As you also must be aware that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned in airplanes due to the overheating problems, including catching fire. As a repercussion, Samsung has recalled the all its Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and set up exchange offers for the same. (2, 3)




Toxic gas Emission:

Now, according to the a recent study, over 100 gases, toxic to humans are emitted from mobile phones batteries. This gas emission are not only restricted to mobile phones but also all other devices using Lithium technology as batteries. These gases also have been found to have a negative impact on the environment.
It has been found that the worst emission is found when the battery is charge to the maximum, that is when the state of charge is 100%. (3a)


One of the toxic gases emitted that is of concern, is Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide if leaked in a closed environment like an AC car can cause potential harm. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas and thus its presence cannot be detected until it is too late. This gas is known for its irritating the skin, eyes and nasal passage.

As per the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) symptoms of Carbon Monoxide are headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. (4)
Carbon Monoxide is also emitted from internal combustions engines and has know to be the cause of numerous deaths in cars with a faulty exhaust system. (5)




Some of the other hazards involved with batteries:

1) Fire – when overcharged or used in a heated environment, can get overheated and set up a chain reaction. This can in turn cause the flammable substances within itself to ignite and even explode. (6)

2) Corrosive – the aluminum in a Lithium ion battery can corrode and spill its contents. This can be harmful if touched or ingested. (7)

3) Toxic – Substances like Cadmium and Lithium can be toxic if ingested. As per one study, workers at Nickel Cadmium manufacturing plants in Japan have experienced health problems from prolonged exposure to this metal. (8)

4) Swallowing hazard – Over 2800 children are treated in emergency wards in the US alone, for swallowing batteries.


So, what can you do about this issue?

Even though charging cellphones in the home is relatively safe, we should follow some precaution, as follows:

1. Ventilate the area, similar to how you ensure your kitchen is ventilated.

2. In an AC car, ensure that you charge a phone only sparingly. Also ventilate the vehicle on a regular basis, firstly at the start and intermittently during the trip.

3. Never dispose off batteries in to a fire or incinerator. Ensure they are disposed off by the right means available in your country.

4. Keep batteries, especially button batteries out of reach of children.

5. Teach children about the hazards of batteries.

6. Handle leaking batteries with care. Use gloves if possible. Wash off any liquid that has made contact with your skin, with water.


So, take care when you handle Mobile phones..


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