Tuesday , March 19 2019

Are we barking up the wrong tree?

Are we on the Right Path?


No this post is not about dogs… 🙂


I am writing this in the backdrop of losing a loved one.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot make it home to say my final goodbye.

I am not looking for sympathy, here. Just trying to get something positive out of a gloomy situation and improve my present frame of mind. Thus, you will notice that I have stopped comments on this post.

I had planned to write about something else, but was not in the mood to do so.


Lets see how we can lead a Life that really matters:


Loss of someone dear, really gets you thinking about what is really important in life or why you are doing the things you do? Is your path taking you towards what you desired in life or is it taking you away from it?


We live at most levels thinking that we are infallible; with the attitude that it only happens to others and not to us.

Very often we are over taken with our urge to either, earn more money, get a better job, get that promotion, or be the next greatest success story in whatever field we have chosen.


But my question to you all is how often have you sat and though about why are you actually doing the things you are doing?

When I am saying why? We might have definitely thought about a superficial reason, for doing something, however have we really gone deep enough into it.


Let me explain:

Say that we might want to get that promotion at work,

If I ask you why you would surely know the reason, most it would be to earn more money or get the new office space you have been dreaming about.

If I ask you why further, you might say so that I can buy that bigger house that I dreamed about.

But why would you want to buy that bigger house, so that I can give a better life to my family.

If we go deeper about why we need a better life for our family, we might find that because we love our family and want to spend more time with them. Basically we might be looking for freedom to do things when we want.

So really dig in till you cannot go any further with the question why.


One might then ask is getting the new job going to really give you more time with your family or take you away from it?

This you would need to answer for yourself and see if you are on the right track or wrong.


The ultimate reason we come up with will be our real desire in life…

It would mostly be something involving your family or your loved ones. Thus you would ultimately realize if you are missing out the forest for the trees…

Once you know this desire it would propel you to work to great extent to achieve the goals and targets that you have set for yourself. It will keep you laser focused onto the area in life you desire.


But if we do not know this ultimate desire, we will be like a lost ship without a compass to guide them.


We might also find out that the things we are doing are actually taking us away from our real goal and desire.

If this is the case you might even want to change them, but until you do not know this ultimate desire you would never know what to work towards. You might just be barking up the wrong tree.


You need to decide if the means are taking you towards the end or  away from it and act accordingly.



In effect do the things that really matter in life:



There are also  a lot of things wrong with the world today; there is a lot of misunderstanding and mistrust going around.

How about spreading something good. Think about how we can do something good for each other.

So use these ultimate desires. Let it propel us forward to do good not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Let’s strive to make this a better world one person at a time.



This post is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother. May her soul rest in Peace.



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