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Are you wondering how to Lose Weight?

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How to lose weight and then keeping that weight down forms a challenge for most people, given our modern sedentary lifestyle and quick fix temperament (fast foods, use of a vehicle to travel everywhere, etc.)

However, it does not have to be so:

Let us discuss ways and means of achieving the same:

The biggest asset to staying young is maintaining a healthy weight. So what do we define as a healthy weight?

A healthy weight is usually factored in from a person’s height, age and sex.

In 1871 a Dr. Pierre Paul Broca devised the below formula

How to lose weight - Ideal Weight Formula (Dr Pierre Paul Broca)

What does this really mean?

Let’s say your height is 175 cm (or 5 foot 9 inches).
Then your ideal weight would be 175 -100 = 75 Kgs.

For a man: Using the factor for male (10 %) would mean plus or minus 7.5 Kgs
Your ideal range of weight would be between 67.5 kgs to 82.5 Kgs.

For a woman: Using the factor for female (15 %) would mean plus or minus 11.25 Kgs
Your ideal range of weight would be between 63.75 kgs to 86.25 Kgs.


This is all fine in theory. But how do you go about achieving this?

A lot of books and websites talk about diet. But when we talk about diet it seems like a very temporary thing. In other words it would mean we have to get back to our normal habit of eating unwisely. This in my opinion is the cause of the failure of many diet regimes. You would find a person loses weight when on a diet, only to regain it after the diet has been completed.


So what should we be thinking in terms of?

In my opinion we should be thinking in terms of eating right and healthy on a daily basis and making a habit out of it, just like it is a practice for us to brush our teeth the first thing in the morning when we wake up. By the way brushing our teeth is a learned habit as no other animal on the planet does that. So too the habit of eating right can be learnt.

Once it is learnt, you will eventually get to the point where your body will guide you to what you should be eating.

For example whenever I have had an extra dose of beer or fried stuff (which sometimes I allow myself – for what is life if we cannot occasionally enjoy it) I have noted my body protesting. To give you some examples; I can feel a chemical taste in my mouth, or feel extremely dehydrated, etc.

And when we keep eating unhealthy stuff after a point our body thinks that this is normal and does not protest. In other words we are stopping our body from signaling to us, as to what is right.


So let us get on with what I mean by eating right.

There a few principles that would help here in your quest.

  1. Getting enough protein – As we age our muscle mass decreases.
  2. Having small and frequent meals. Timing the type of nutrients during each meal.
  3. Getting enough water.
  4. Getting enough overall nutrition.
  5. Exercising.
  6. Getting enough sleep

Let’s get into each principle briefly:

1) Getting enough Protein:

Protein is the building blocks of all of our cells. As we age our muscles tone start to diminish and we require enough protein in our diets to help maintain our muscle mass and longevity.
There are few different opinions as to how much protein a person needs in ther diet daily.
Most nutrition consultants agree that 0.8 grams per Kilogram of Body weight is sufficient.
However, athletes, body builders and persons doing strength training up their protein intake to about 2 grams per Kilogram of body weight.

If you are a vegetarian, finding enough protein can be a challenge. I have discussed in detail how to fulfil your protein needs in the post “3 Steps to getting enough Protein, for maintaining your health”.


2) Having Frequent meals:

This might seem counter intuitive so allow me to explain.
When I am talking about frequent meals, I am talking about small meals of about 5-6 per day. This would mean your normal Breakfast lunch and dinner, and few healthy snacks interspersed during the day. Now this being said, these meals should be small to just fill you up and you should not be eating to a point where you feel stuffed or cannot eat any more.


3) Getting enough water:

The 8 glass a day rule or about 2.5 to 3 liters of water/ fluid a day. Our body is primarily made up of fluid so just like a vehicle needs proper lubrication, so does your body. So stay hydrated.


4) Getting enough nutrition:

The quality of our nutrition matters a lot. Modern cooking methods tend to overcook food and kill the nutrients within. Or we might be consuming large amounts of fat as deep fried fast foods forming a large part of today’s world. An idea would be to keep fast food to a minimum and either cook at home or opt for healthier food when eating out.


5) Exercising:

This goes without saying. Getting the daily dose of exercise is a must. It might not mean going to the gym every day. Just being active will help. Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off at a bus stop before your main stop and walking the rest of the way, or finding some time in your busy schedule to just stay active.
But if you are looking at faster weight loss I would recommend joining a gym or getting a proper workout, to tone up and work your muscles more vigorously. If you are interested in starting up an exercise routine or want further information on exercising you can check out my other posts:

12 Things every Beginner should know about Strength Training.

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Preventing Muscle Mass Loss


Last, but not the least:


6) Getting enough Sleep:

The vital function of rejuvenation is carried out by the body when we sleep. So we must ensure that we get enough quality and quantity in our sleep. There are various reasons we might not be getting enough or quality sleep. I have discussed sleep in detail, in this post “15 Tips to help you fight Sleep Deprivation“.


So let’s start making a change in our lives.
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