Sunday , July 22 2018


Kneller Fernandes is the founder of “Stay Fit n Young .com”. He is a NESTA certified "Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist". He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two kids. Know more about him here.

Don’t let your Heart Attack you

Dont let your heart attack you

Don’t let your Heart Attack you. Heart disease has been increasingly on the rise due to sedentary lifestyles, stress, poor eating habits, genetics and a lot of other factors. Let us see how we can monitor and mitigate a heart condition and a heart attack.   Your pulse can be …

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Is Stress Killing you?

Are you stressing about your life? Is Stress Killing You? I guess you would agree that our mind is a funny thing: Things that we want to remember elude us, however memories that we want to suppress seem to haunt us for eternity. We all have things in our past …

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Are you wondering how to Lose Weight?

How to lose weight and then keeping that weight down forms a challenge for most people, given our modern sedentary lifestyle and quick fix temperament (fast foods, use of a vehicle to travel everywhere, etc.) However, it does not have to be so: Let us discuss ways and means of …

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