Friday , December 14 2018


Kneller Fernandes is the founder of “Stay Fit n Young .com”. He is a NESTA certified "Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist". He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two kids. Know more about him here.

Pain: The good, the bad and the ugly


Pain: The good, the bad and the ugly Have you felt sore when you have just started gymming? Say, you have done legs a day before, you just can’t walk the next day? If this sounds familiar, then you are experiencing good pain.   So can pain really be good? …

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Benefits of Drinking water and how to stay Hydrated?


What research says about the Benefits of Drinking water and how to stay Hydrated? Are you familiar with any or the following comments and questions: Have you wondered how to get your 8 glasses of water per day?  Do you find drinking plain water boring or do you hate drinking …

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15 Tips to help you fight Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation   Sleep is now-a-days considered a luxury. But if we knew the truth about our requirement for sleep we would treat it with greater respect. We usually let our modern lifestyle dictate things like when and how much we sleep. Let us see how important this biological need …

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12 Tips to keep your Gym Motivation Soaring

Gym motivation 2

Lacking Gym Motivation? Tell me if any of these scenarios sounds familiar: You have taken a membership at a gym but cannot get yourself to go there. Or you just too tired at the end of the day to go for a workout or a jog. Or you know you …

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The Battle: Organic versus Non-organic

Benefits of Organic Food 1

Are there any benefits of organic food or organic products? Is Organic Food more Nutritious, Healthier, Better? I guess you must have heard these questions being asked before? So, let us analyze the same and see what conclusions we come to: Let’s start by comparing Organic versus non organic food …

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