Tuesday , September 26 2017


Kneller Fernandes is the founder of “Stay Fit n Young .com”. He is a NESTA certified "Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist". He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two kids. Know more about him here.

15 Tips to help you fight Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation   Sleep is now-a-days considered a luxury. But if we knew the truth about our requirement for sleep we would treat it with greater respect. We usually let our modern lifestyle dictate things like when and how much we sleep. Let us see how important this biological need …

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The Battle: Organic versus Non-organic

Benefits of Organic Food 1

Are there any benefits of organic food or organic products? Is Organic Food more Nutritious, Healthier, Better? I guess you must have heard these questions being asked before? So, let us analyze the same and see what conclusions we come to: Let’s start by comparing Organic versus non organic food …

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Are we barking up the wrong tree?

Right Path - Lead a life that matters

Are we on the Right Path?   No this post is not about dogs… 🙂   I am writing this in the backdrop of losing a loved one. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot make it home to say my final goodbye. I am not looking for sympathy, here. Just …

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Don’t let your Heart Attack you

Dont let your heart attack you

Don’t let your Heart Attack you. Heart disease has been increasingly on the rise due to sedentary lifestyles, stress, poor eating habits, genetics and a lot of other factors. Let us see how we can monitor and mitigate a heart condition and a heart attack.   Your pulse can be …

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